Swimming pool medical expense deduction

5 Unexpected Tax Deductions

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Can I Claim My Pool As an Expense on My Taxes?

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If swimming is prescribed as treatment or physical therapy, the cost of constructing a home swimming pool may be partly deductible as a medical expense. That initially sounds like good news, yes? However, the IRS is likely to question the deductions because of the possibility that the pool may be used for recreation.

Jack paid $25, to build the pool, but he wondered if this amount could be deducted as a medical expense. Determine if a capital expenditure such as the cost of a swimming pool qualifies for the medical expense deduction by referring to Reg (e)(1)(iii) of Revenue Procedure.

The parties have settled certain issues, and the only issue remaining for decision is whether the petitioner is entitled to a medical expense deduction under sectionI.R.C.1 for a portion of the amount he expended for the construction of a swimming pool at his home.

If swimming is prescribed as treatment or physical therapy, the cost of constructing a home swimming pool may be partly deductible as a medical expense. However, the IRS is likely to question the deductions because of the possibility that the pool may be used for recreation.

Top 10 Oddball Tax Deductions. Updated for Tax Year That swimming pool. as a medical expense because its primary purpose was for medical care. Also, the cost of heating the pool, pool chemicals and a proportionate part of insuring the pool area were treated as medical expenses.

The swimming pool was built, and an appraiser estimated that the value of Jane’s home increased by $98, because of the addition. The pool cost $, and Jane claimed a medical expense deduction of $96, ($, _ $98,) on her tax return.

Swimming pool medical expense deduction
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