List of antithesis in macbeth

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Shakespeare's Globe

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Themes and techniques

MERGE exists and is an interesting of. Laying you are citing any of Rochester's plays, notice the techniques that would enjoy to varying protests. Definition, Usage and a list of Antithesis Examples in common speech and literature. Antithesis is a rhetorical device in which two opposite ideas are put together in a.

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The most important events in the Scottish play "Macbeth" are -The witches meets Macbeth. -Macbeth let's greed take over control of himself.

-Macbeth kills King Duncan. Some examples of personification in Macbeth include the lines "dark night strangles the travelling lamp" (Act 2, Scene 4) and "new sorrows / Strike heaven on the face" (Act 4, Scene 2).

Shakespeare often uses personification, which is a literary device by which non-human ideas and objects are. May 25,  · My List – Why I like/dislike Shakespeare.

Posted by Lisa Smith in Uncategorized May 25, – The devices he uses most importantly antithesis – Macbeth has incorporated a tactful array of re-occurring symbols- such as the Shakespeare use of the light to symbolise life ect.

Page 5 Meter Meter is defined by the main type of foot and the number of feet within the lines of a poem.


For instance, much of English dramatic verse was written in iambic pentameter, or lines of five iambs, because the rhythm most closely resembles natural speech patterns.

Tasks include: an examination of Macbeth's soliloquies and what they reveal to the audience; using cross-referencing to trace the significance of a single word throughout the text, 'safe'; and a list of practice exam questions with an emphasis on language.

Key words: antithesis, caesura, enjambment, feminine ending, hyperbole.

List of antithesis in macbeth
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