Galactosemia diet

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Galactosemia: A Guide for Parents of Babies Recently Screened

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Parents may want to indent a supply of time treats that store well and can be able for special or confusing occasions. Infancy. In the first weeks of life, the most important part of managing patients with classic galactosemia is removing all galactose from the diet as soon as the diagnosis is suspected, immediately after starting the diagnostic investigations and without awaiting results, in order to prevent further life-threatening complications.

Symptoms have not been associated with Duarte galactosemia, and many individuals with Duarte galactosemia do not need to restrict their diet at all.

However, research corroborates a previously overlooked theory that Duarte galactosemia may lead to language developmental issues in children with no clinical symptoms.


The only treatment for classic galactosemia is eliminating lactose and galactose from the diet. Even with an early diagnosis and a restricted diet, however, some individuals with galactosemia experience long-term complications such as speech difficulties.

Galactosemia is an inherited disorder. This means it is passed down through families. If both parents carry a nonworking copy of the gene that can cause galactosemia, each of their children has a 25% (1 in 4) chance of being affected with it.

Diet for Galactosemia

DIET RESOURCES SOURCES OF DIET GUIDELINES. Unfortunately, clinics do not provide uniform direction to their parents and patients, the recommended diet for Classic Galactosemia is somewhat controversial.

Below is a list of diet resources that some parents follow, however, please always check with your own clinic for diet advice. Jul 13,  · Even though a lifelong diet will affect the daily lives of the patients, a lactose-free diet without restriction of fruit and vegetables is a palatable and not very complicated diet.

Studies have demonstrated that patients with classic galactosemia have a .

Galactosemia diet
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Classic galactosemia: dietary dilemmas